Local business

As a small business, where we can, we reciprocate our support into the local economy. We do this by sourcing our supplies from local businesses where we can, as well as sharing our positive experiences.

Paul Riley Cars, Towcester

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We have worked with Paul Riley Cars for the last twelve months and have witnessed Paul’s very personable demeanor coupled with an excellent customer focus, which encompasses: understanding customer requirements, providing first-class customer service, and supplying good and excellent cars at a competitive price. Paul Riley only supplies good quality cars with a full MOT and warranty with full dealer services, such as extended warranties and finance. Take a look here.

Woodford Halse Garage

A family-owned and operated business, who extend family values to all employees. A friendly and can-do approach to your vehicle servicing and maintenance needs. Flexibility to service our own van within our busy valeting appointments! Woodford Halse Garage also has a number of courtesy vehicles.

Unit 9 Tyres Woodford Halse

We use unit 9 tyres to look after our tyres on our van because they are quick, efficient and flexible with bookings.